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How It Started

It was only until the age of 30 that I gave myself a chance to practice ME, consciously. I was too caught up in our fast-paced routine, not noticing the weight my body carries throughout the days. In 2019, I made the decision to quit my corporate job & to travel to Bali, Indonesia, for a one-month Inner Yoga Teaching Training. It was there when my life changed drastically. I spent 25 beautiful days waking up at sunrise, practicing silence, meditating outdoors, feeling my breath, and mostly reaching my higher self. I received a certification in Yin & Vinyasa with the Yoga Alliance Certification of 200 hours.

I am on a mission to teach you how to use the yogic practices to release creativity within you. I help you create positivity that supports you in meeting the challenges of work, relationships and family. My goal is to empower you to go beyond your conditioned mind and experience the magnificence of pure being.

Welcome to yogiation!

My Yoga Journey

Awakening your life

Yoga shifted my perspective on life and my way of saying thank you to the universe is to continue sharing this magic with the people around me.

Little did we know that everything we need lies within ourselves and not our surroundings.

As a yogi, I strive to cultivate awareness into your mind and body leaving you relaxed after each session.

Why Practice?

Yoga helps to calm our sympathetic nervous system which is also known as our flight or fight mode, awakening our parasympathetic nervous system also known as our rest & digest mode.

These two systems are the main branches of our autonomic nervous system.

Our flight or fight mode activates our stress levels while our rest and digest mode activate calmness & we should always have a balance between both.

Stretching, lengthening & balancing our muscles during any form of yoga practice helps relieve stiffness, tension & pain built up inside our body. We train our mind to become aware and present rather than the clutter our minds are used to in our day to day life.

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