The one with the full moon

the one with the full moon

I started my first Yin yoga session a day before New Years, on a full moon, feeling overwhelmed with all the emotions and stress that consumed me. I wanted to find a way to heal myself and let go. I tried to do exactly what my yoga instructor guided me into and i listened with an open heart as she was explaining what my body is trying to say to me. I felt the pain, i knew where it came from, & I was so relieved. I was trying so hard to find comfort in my discomfort, getting rid of all the thoughts in my head, & simply breathing. Honestly speaking I was finding it difficult keeping my mind clear all the time, & when i finally did, it felt beautiful. I kept still in my positions, appreciating this body that tolerated so much and thankful for this little break I’m giving myself. The more i stretch and feel the juiciness in each position, the more i understood what my body was going through. This was the beginning of my deep appreciation for Yin Yoga.

I was frustrated with myself that i couldn’t find a way to completely clear my mind while doing Yoga in general and it was an eye opener for me during my first yin session. I was constantly exhausting my brain because i wouldn’t stop thinking, and i was exhausting my body because I was too busy with my thoughts simply neglecting every part of me.

I set an intention between me and myself to experience a full session of Yin Yoga with a complete clear mind. I was finally motivated to startreading books that explain more about our emotions, our bodies, and our souls. This is when my beautiful journey to understand the self began. After our first session I began to read a lot and finally started to understand the meaning of “peace of mind”, how to reach it and its beautiful connection to God.

On my third session of Yin Yoga, I gave it my all. Mind, body, and soul. I wanted to give my body love, I appreciated every part with all its flaws, i was talking to my body in silence, and i was listening to the pain, stretching and easing the pain. My instructor would say “It is your time and this is your space”, and i really wouldn’t have explained it better.

Yin Yoga became a part of my journey to heal myself. If anything, this practice triggered it.
For me, it helps to heal and gets you curious to learn more about yourself, your mind, your emotions, and your strength.
You will wander in an ocean of questions on how to love yourself & appreciate the body that carries you in this world.

So much love for Huda,
A pure soul.
Thank you for sharing & teaching this beautiful practice with me.

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